O.G. Wood Fire Pizza Truck

508 Saint Lawrence
Buffalo NY  14216

Phone: (716) 258-0725

O.G. Wood Fire Pizza Truck

O.G. Wood Fire is a concept that has been developing in my brain as well as many of my close friends over the last several years. Anyone that knows me well knows that I have a passion for pizza that is relentless. Many of my college classmates will most likely remember i did nearly ever project/paper on some style of pizza. I cannot tell you how many times I have set off the smoke detectors and smoked out houses attempting to create the perfect pizza through high temperature cooking. Countless amounts of ingredients and methods have been tested over the last decade attempting to make the perfect pizza. Well finally the time is here. O.G. Wood Fire is the company and it is my desire to unleash a style and quality of pizza in this area that many have attempted and quite honestly failed miserably. No corners will be cut, no expenses will be spared. O.G. Wood Fire has ONE GOAL to deliver a world class pizza. The type of pizza that will be mentioned in the same breath as world famous venues such as Pizzeria Bianco, Mozza, Una Pizza Napoletana, Paulie Gee's, Difara's, Flour and Water, Apizza Scholls, the only difference is I will be doing it out of a food truck. It will all start with naturally leavened dough, organic California tomatoes, fresh hand made mozzarella, local and imported meats and cheeses of the highest quality all cooked in a 900 degree wood-fire oven.

Neapolitan and New School Pizza

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