Lowery Family Farms

9 Little Acorn Ln
Savona NY  14879

Phone: (607) 377-9441

Lowery Family Farms

CURRENT PRICING: Updates and changes will be made as needed based on product availability and seasonal availability.

Fresh Eggs $3.00 a dozen
Fresh Duck Eggs $5.00 a dozen
Ground Beef $4.00 a lb
Beef Patties $4.00 a lb
Sausage $4.25 a lb

Interested in buying bulk check out these prices!!!!

(hanging weight)
Whole (700-800 lbs) $3.75 a lb
Half (300-400 lbs) $4.00 a lb
Quarter (150-250) $4.25 a lb

(hanging weight)
Whole (approx. 200 lbs) $4.00 a lb
Half (approx. 100 lbs) $4.25 a lb
Quarter (approx 50 lbs) 4.25 a lb
(Please note that in order to obtain a quart a half must be purchased. This means you might want to find a friend to buy the other quarter)

These prices are for all meat wrapped in paper.
If you would like meat vacuum sealed an additional .25 cents will be added to the per pound cost)

Current NON GMO pork cuts available:
Smoked bacon~ 6/pound
Sausage (mild & hot Italian, breakfast, and apple cinnamon) ~ 4.25/pound
Pork chops and pork butt steak~ 4.50/pound
Smoked ham center cut slices~ 5/pound
Pork shoulder roast~ 7/pound
Pork spare ribs~ 6/pound
Pork tenderloin~ 10/ pound
Ham end roast~ 5/pound
Remember all products are subject to availability and prices subject to change.

Fruits and Veggies available seasonally!!!

We stay away from hormones and antibiotics in order to provide the most natural and high quality products possible. All product's sold are GMO FREE!! At Lowery Family Farms you are viewed as one of the family, " From our table to yours."

Lowery Family Farms building a legacy for the future while feeding your family the healthiest possible meat, fruits, and Veggies.


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