Athlon Kickboxing Challenge - 2017 WAKO K1 Championships

03:00 pm - 04/20/2019

@ MetroPCS

1125 Main St
Buffalo NY  14209

Oct 08 - Event Posponed - New Dates & Location to To Be determined. After much consideration, we have decided to postpone the Athlon KickBoxing Challenge tournament until after Hurricane season. We will be contacting all registered fighters and issue immediate refunds. We apologize to everyone but feel this is in the best interest of everyone. Our goal is to have an annual event everyone can look forward too. The Fit Expo is still happening on Oct 21 - 22 and Athlon Rub we will be there supporting the event and the fitness community.

Amateur Tournament - COME OUT & COMPETE:
Athlon Kickboxing Challenge - will present the 2017 WAKO K1 and Low Kick Championship Tournament at the Ft. Lauderdale Convention Center inside The Fit Expo. Test your striking skills against others inside of a great venue and thousands in attendance.

Weigh-ins: Friday Oct 20 - Hotel / Hours - TBD
The Fit Expo Hours:
SATURDAY: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
SUNDAY: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Age Divisions:
Younger Juniors – 13, 14 &15
Older juniors - 16,17
Seniors (adults) 18-45

Name Weight (lbs) Weight Differential (lbs)
Junior Atomweight 50 lbs to 55 lbs 5
Junior Flyweight 55.1 lbs to 60 lbs 5
Junior Bantamweight 60.1lbs to 65 lbs 5
Junior Featherweight 65.1 lbs to 70 lbs 5
Junior Lightweight 70.1 lbs to 75 lbs 5
Junior Welterweight 75.1 lbs to 80 lbs 5
Junior Middleweight 80.1 lbs 85 lbs 5
Junior Light Heavyweight 85.1 lbs to 90 lbs 5
Junior Cruiserweight 90.1 lbs to 95 lbs 5
Junior Heavyweight 95.1 lbs to 100 lbs 5
Straw-weight 100.1 lbs to 105 lbs 5
Atomweight 105.1 lbs to 112 lbs 5
Flyweight 112.1 lbs to 117 lbs 5
Bantamweight 117.1 lbs to 122lbs 5
Featherweight 122.1 lbs to 127lbs 5
Lightweight 127.1 lbs to 132lbs 5
Super Lightweight 132.1 lbs to 137 lbs 5
Light Welterweight 137.1 lbs to 142 lbs 5
Welterweight 142.1 lbs to 147 lbs 7
Super Welterweight 148 lbs to 153 lbs 7
Light Middleweight 153.1 lbs to 159 lbs 7
Middleweight 159.1 lbs to 165 lbs 7
Super Middleweight 165.1 lbs to 172 lbs 7
Light Heavyweight 172.1 lbs to 179 lbs 7
Light Cruiserweight 179.1 lbs to 186 lbs 7
Cruiserweight 186.1 lbs to 195 lbs 12
Heavyweight 195.1 lbs to 215 lbs 20
Super Heavyweight 215.1 lbs to 235 lbs 20
Extreme Heavyweight 235.1 and up No limit


Interested Volunteers - Emai:
Seeking help: Crowd Control, Gear Coordinators, Ring Girls, Social Media, Sports Massagers

Everyone in attendance gets access to all Fit Expo events and vendors.

More details to follow on Registration, Hotel, Sponsorships and for Vendors. Stay Tuned!

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